How to access IPMI for dedicated servers (Console, O.S. Reimage, Remote Reboot)


All our Enterprise dedicated servers go with IPMI for easier server management. However, the IPMI interface is currently accessible from our private network only to provide enhanced security to the dedicated servers. Thus, it will be necessary to set up a VPN connection to access the IPMI interface.

As an example, IPMI provides a way to manage a server that is powered off or unresponsive by using a network connection to the hardware rather than to the operating system or login shell. This means you can bypass the operating system and log in via console to troubleshoot and get your server back up and running if it goes unresponsive for any reason.

To access your SeFlow server IPMI please Login to our customer portal to

If you did not do yet, generate your personal login detail here ( ), complete the order (is free!). Once you finished download our VPN Client


- VPN Client for Windows v.

- VPN Client for MAC v.

- VPN Client for Android (Play Store)

- VPN Client for iOS

- VPN Client for Linux (Packages and Soures)


Connection profiles can be downloaded for


Yourself (user-locked profile) ovpn file



Follow the instruction to install the application and then launch it. Now you are able to connect to our VPN. Press Connect and insert, if is not present vpn host server



Press "Continue" and insert your username and password:


User &  password


Press Connect and you can now use IPMI functionality from your portal, like Console, Remote Reboot  and O.S. Reimage. 


N.B. VPN is needed only for Enterprise servers with IPMI functionality. For Standard Series, Remote Reboot and O.S. Reimage are available without this trick.

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