Inviare le notifiche delle Anomalie su Telegram


We support multiple alerts methods. From now, you can use your Telegram Chat Group to receive Incoming DDoS Alert or expired Anomalies like this:


You need to create your bot telegram. At first, we need to generate API-TOKEN. Please contact BOT Pather at this link:

Join in chat and type



Follow instructions to create a new bot. Now you have API-Token in id:XXXXXXXX format

Join into your grout chat and press "Add member" search your bot and add it.

Now we need chat_id, to do this we need type this URL in your browser:



You should see something like


chat_id is ID field referred to your chat.


Last step is contact our SOC and submit the request with API-TOKEN and chat_id. You can ask for anomaly alert only when attack start, when it expires or both.

We can set up a standard message or you can customize it. Every message can be customized with our Conditional Parameters that you can see on this link.

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